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SmartWatch - Specyfikacja

Dane techniczne zegarka SmartWatch firmy Sony zawierają informacje na temat dotykowego interfejsu użytkownika oraz odporności na zarysowania i wodę.

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SmartWatch | Zegarek z systemem Android

Dotknij świata dzięki zegarkowi Sony SmartWatch. Ten zegarek z systemem Android w dyskretny sposób pozwoli Ci być na czasie i mieć wolne ręce.

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SmartWatch @ XDA Developers

[ACC]Ultimate Sony Smartwatch INFO thread (MN2) Smart Watches

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Sony SmartWatch Review @ Gizmodo

A gorgeous, functional, cellular-powered gizmo-watch made by erstwhile hardware god Sony could have been huge. Huge! Instead, it\\\'s a gadget cold sore, and a major, aggravating letdown. What the hell happened?

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SmartWatch Review @ Forbes

Sony\'s SmartWatch promises to keep you discreetly updated and your hands free. The Bluetooth enabled watch communicates with your Android smartphone, but is it a practical addition to your wrist or just a very interesting piece of geek fashion?

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Sony SmartWatch review | The Verge

The Sony SmartWatch is an intriguing device — a secondary display for your Android-powered handset that provides quick access to notifications from select apps and services on your phone. It’s...

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