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Focus problem on LCD EPSON

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Dual HDMI output Denon AVR

Dual HDMI output Denon AVR-X3500H problem - I have finally updated my PJ to an Epson 9400 I have it plugged in to the Denon Monitor 2 HDMI output via 10m Ruipro 8K cable. TV plugged into Monitor 1 is a 4K Samsung LCD. Both have the same input capabilities. Problem is when I set the Denon to Auto ...

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Dual source EDID conflict

I recently added a JVC LX-NZ3 projector (with a 120" Screen Innovations screen) to my media room, complementing a 65" Samsung QN65Q90R television. The...

TAGI: hdmi, denon, projector, dual output, edid

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